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Swiss Franc pegged stable coin DCHF is launching in September 25th. From the team that launched Grizzly FI less than a month ago. Pre-launch info video and DCHF trial can be watched below.

DCHF stable coin pre launch info video at Grizzly Finance Youtube channel.

You can read more about DCHF on our upcoming token review at Altcoinreviews.org. If you want to read more about Grizzly Finance token, and how their staking system promises to beat other competitors on the market, head to our Grizzly FI (GHNY) review.

DCHF launch trial

Altcoinreviews will be keeping a close eye on the future roadmaps of Grizzly FI and DCHF. As we have seen Terra Luna flooring, USDT having hard time being pegged to US Dollar, it will be interesting to see where the new Swiss Franc stable coin is headed to.

“The first over collateralized stablecoin on the market”

DCHF team has a bold claim, stating that they would be the first over-collateralized stable coin on the market. This means, that the value of the stablecoin, should always have more value behind the token, as the total liquidity of the stable coin. This should result in a much safer situation than we have seen with some other stable coins. Though, it will be seen wether or not this claim comes out as true, and how the team will be presenting the assets behind the DCHF stable coin.

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