Skeb Coin (SKEB)

Skeb Coin (SKEB)

SKEB: Art trading + Stake
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Skeb Coin (SKEB) shortly

Skeb Coin (SKEB) is the native token of the Skeb ecosystem. Its economy includes transaction fees, staking, locks, liquidity incentives, buybacks, burns, and a DAO treasury. These are powered by fees in the Skeb ecosystem. Skeb Coin is fundamentally the governance token of the Skeb ecosystem. The network that the token utilizes is ERC20 on Ethereum.

Skeb was launched in 2018 and is the largest commission platform in Japan with over 110,000 original creators that create novels, illustrations, comics, and other works of art and such for a fee. Skeb looks to improve the status of creators with the platform they provide by making sure that they receive a proper compensation.

Skeb Coin (SKEB) tokenomics

Initial token distribution for the SKEB tokens on the release:

The SKEB has an initial total supply of 10,000,000,000 tokens.

  • 19% – Ecosystem Reserve
  • 19% – Foundation and Reserve
  • 19% – Liquidity / Staking
  • 15.5% – Development Team / Founder
  • 8.8% – Seed Round
  • 7.6% – Advisors / Partners
  • 6% – Private Round
  • 3.2% – Strategic round
  • 1.9% – Public Round

How the token economy works focuses on three main points which are: ecosystem income, token value, and token staking.

Ecosystem income consists of transaction fees on platforms and merchandise which are offered to art buyers.

Token value is maintained through buybacks, staking, burns, and with DAO treasury which utilizes transaction fees.

Token Staking is further utilized with DAO participation, which only token stakers can participate in. Lock-ups in staking that are liquid and have a cooldown mechanism. Deflation for stakers who try to withdraw faster than the cooldown fee. Yield fees that focus on early stake exits.

Skeb Coin (SKEB) roadmap

The Skeb Coin project starts in 2022 Q3 with IDO at DAO Maker, and is continued with listings towards the end of the year. At the beginning of 2023, the project is to have an instant payment within the community. Towards the rest of the year, there are more supporting features such as a mobile app, enhancement of SKEB coin features, and Skeb availability for Oversea creators. In the year 2024, the project has plans for a Metaverse project, Skebverse.

Below is shown the complete Roadmap of Skeb so far.

Skeb coin roadmap
Source: Skeb Coin website

Review of Skeb Coin (SKEB) token

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Skeb Coin (SKEB) FAQ

Can SKEB hit 1 USD?

SKEB is currently valued at $0,067 with a market cap of 67 million USD. For SKEB to hit $1, it would require the token market cap to reach 1,000 billion USD. If the project receives global attention the token could hit value of $1 by 2030.

Is SKEB a scam?

Considering that the project has a long history and a successful trading platform behind it it is very unlikely that the token is a scam however, the token is quite volatile. Remember to DYOR!

Where can I buy SKEB?

You can buy SKEB tokens for example at, Huobi, and OKX

Skeb Coin (SKEB) Details


Art trading thorugh SKEB
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Investing in crypto coins is always a risk! Proceed with extreme Caution!

*Reviews, articles and content on website are NOT financial advices!
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