Launch on 8th August Fair Launch 4th to 7th of August. Platform launch on 8th of August.

Home » Launch on 8th August is a Fintech company from Switzerland that is looking to make a change in the field of DeFi with their user-friendly Yield Farming platform. The goal of the company is to bring crypto and DeFi investing to a broader audience, with their easy-to-use and stress-free platform. As their slogan says “speculate less, invest more”. fair launch is from 4th of August 2022 till 7th of August 2022 and the public launch is on 8th of August, the platform will be launched on Binance Smart chain. crypto

After a year of development with its associates is ready to launch its platform on Binance Smart chain on the 8th of August 2022. As for the associates they are quite big players in the field of crypto investment markets. Two of these partners are the Swiss Crypto Valley Association and STORM partners, a leading European blockchain service provider with loads of experience in blockchain service development on for example Aave.

What brings to the current crypto market is an efficient investment tool with a sustainable source of income. starts its launch with an initial liquidity depth of 1,000,000.

The token (GHNY) used in the honeypot (staking pool in is not exactly what it sounds like, a honeypot. Well, you might want to sink in your money into the jar for a while to earn profit, and there are 3 different strategies to do so.

First of all, there is the Stable Strategy which is a steady strategy with a small profit. Here 97% of the profits are automatically reinvested and 3% of the profits goes to the development team.

Standard Strategy is for increasing the initial investment value of the stablecoin while profiting from the growth of the platform. All in all, 70% of the profits are automatically re-invested and 30% goes towards Dynamic Honey Creation (DHC), which is compensated with GHNY tokens. Of the 30% DHC, 6% goes to the development team and 24% is staked.

Grizzly Strategy is for GHNY token farming. In this strategy 70% of the tokens are used to buy GHNY and 30% goes towards DHC (24% staked, 6% team)

Below is the GHNY token allocation. If you want to know about (GHNY) tokenomics check here.

Source: whitepaper
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