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  • Over 2 million daily trading volume
  • Doxed team
  • Stable income coin
  • Unique approach
  • Fair launch
  • Small community

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Grizzly.fi (GHNY) in a nutshell

Grizzly.fi (GHNY) is a Liquidity Aggregator on the Binance Smart Chain. The launch of Grizzly.fi was on the 8th of August and the token was created by a Swiss team. The goal of the project is to make DeFi accessible to everyone. In addition, one of Grizzly.fi biggest point is to generate a predictable income on its user's crypto assets.

Launch of the platform for public: August 8th 2022

Grizzly.fi has 3 different strategies: Stable Strategy, Standard Strategy, and Dynamic Strategy. On each of these strategies Grizzly.fi team takes a few percent for token development, and most of the investment is re-invested via GHNY. On September 16th, 2022 a freezing feature was added to the GHNY staking options.

Image of Grizzly Honey Hub
Source: Grizzly.fi blog

GHNY Tokenomics and Roadmap

Initial Liquidity Pool Depth:$ 1,000,000

Launch Price: $1

Market Cap: Starts at 622,200

Token distribution:

  • 500,000 – initial liquidity pool BNB-GHNY
  • 10,000 – for winners of giveaway on www.grizzly.fi/win
  • 35,700 – the Dev Team.
  • 30,600 – Marketing & Reserves Pool
  • 27,030 – Early strategic partners.
  • 18,870 – Product development advisors

Distribution Phase:

  • Introduce the Grizzly Loyalty Levels
  • Launch on Ethereum aggregating Convex
  • Implement Single Asset Hives
  • Drastically reduce Minting of new Tokens

Construction Phase

  • Airdrop Moneta Tokens to GHNY Holder
  • Launch Moneta, a Lending & Borrowing Platform with the overcollateralized Stablecoin DCHF
  • Allow Bridging GHNY between BNB and ETH Chain (will not be rushed).

Disruption Phase

  • Combine Grizzly with Moneta by accepting Yield Generating Assets (Stablecoin LP-Tokens from Grizzly ETH) as Collateral
  • The rollout of Leveraged Yield Farming
  • Launch the Mellarius Liquidity Mining ETP for Institutional Investors
  • Implement Fiat On- & Off Ramp

Overall the company is looking into improving their Grizzly.fi and in the future other things like supporting more blockchains and protocols, ease lending and borrowing, enchance everyday APYs, and merging into real estate business with DeFi.

Here is the roadmap explained by the company:

Grizzly.fi Staking Possibilities

Grizzly.fi offers multiple passive income staking possibilities for their community members and honey token (GHNY) holders, as well as for users holding other currencies.


Liquidity pool platforms that Grizzly.fi aggregates are called Hives (e.g. Pancakeswap, Belt Finance, etc.). When investing in Grizzly Hives its smart contract auto-compounds your profits, giving the investor a higher APY than the competing DEXs and platforms.

Different strategies that Grizzly.fi provides are the following:

Stablecoin Strategy – low but stable profit

97% of the rewards are traded back into the two currencies and are re-invested. The 3% goes to the Grizzly.fi Team.

grizzly.fi stable strategy

Standard Strategy – Continuous increase with growth profit

70% of the rewards are traded back into the two currencies and are re-invested. 30% of the tokens go into Dynamic Honey Creation (DHC) and are compensated with GHNY tokens.

grizzly.fi standard strategy

Grizzly Strategy – GHNY farming

70% of the profits are being used to buy $GHNY on the open market, which creates constant buy pressure and increases the price of the token. 30% of the tokens are compensated with DHC.

grizzly.fi grizzly strategy


Grizzly Freezer serves holders as a committing and supporting investing method for the medium/long term. For the token holders, this provides higher staking rewards such as higher APY and airdrops for other tokens. If holders freeze their GHNY tokens by December of 2022 they will receive tokens from Moneta airdrop.

grizzly.fi ghny toklen freezing

Where to buy Grizzly tokens

Grizzly tokens can be so far be purchased from a couple of exchanges, MEXC and Biswap. Grizzly tokens can also be attained by purchasing them directly from their website with a wallet like Metamask. The token is also available on swaps like Pancakeswap.

Grizzly (GHNY) FAQ

Can Grizzly.fi (GHNY) hit 10x

With the current market cap value of 75 million dollars, it would require to reach 7,5 billion dollars, in which case GHNY would have to reach a position in the top 5 biggest tokens in the current crypto market. For 5x however, GHNY would have to reach 375 million, which would require it to reach the top 100 in the crypto markets, which would not take a miracle.

Is Grizzly.fi (GHNY) a scam?

Considering that GHNY has a large, evenly distributed holder base makes it a quite stable token. In addition, doxed team and large liquidity pool of the token make it even more reliable. Remember to DYOR!

Where can I buy GHNY?

You can buy GHNY on the Grizzly Honey website here. However, you do need a wallet such as Metamask to buy GHNY.

Grizzly.fi (GHNY) Details

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