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What are NFT frames?

Digital NFT frames are a great way to utilize NFT in the real world. Whether you just want a cool frame of your NFTs or to show off people who visit your house or work with you, NFT frames are practical solutions for multiple situations. These frames are the next-generation decorations for people with a sense of fashion.

Since the selection of NFT frame retailers is quite scarce, we decided to sum up the best ones below and review them for you.

In this post, we compare the variety of different NFT frames, materials, prices, and attainability features such as payment methods and shipping.

How To Use Digital NFT frames?

NFT frames are easily controllable with your smartphone device on apps: Usually, the frame providers provide an app of their own or utilize an NFT frame app developed by someone else. NFT frames have built-in wireless wifi that connects which allows you to access the frame with your smart device.

The NFTs displayed are compatible with Ethereum and Solana-based NFTs, which are the most common NFT platforms.

Here's a quick guide on how to utilize your NFT tokens in with digital NFT frames:

  1. Get yourself an NFT with a wallet. NFTs can be found on platforms such as OpenSea.
  2. Discover NFT frames and find the best suitable one
  3. Once ordered, you can download the app of the NFT frame provider while waiting for the delivery.
  4. As the frame arrives, set up the NFT frame according to the instructions that come with the frame. The instructions can also be found most commonly in the app provided by the developers.

The Best NFT Frames

#1 NFT frame

  • Colour options: black, wood
  • Price Range: From $299.00 to $1,699.00
  • Payment Method: Paypal, Crypto payment
  • Sizes: From 21.5 to 55 inches
  • Shipping: International Shipping'
  • Taxes are included in the price

Visit Digiframes here!

digiframes nft frames

#2 NFT frame

  • Colour options: black, different styles of birch, mahogany, white
  • Price range: $333.00 to $2,777.00
  • Payment Method: Credit Cards, Apple Pay, Klarna, Crypto payment
  • Sizes: From 10 to 55 inches
  • Shipping: International shipping
  • No mention on taxation

Visit here!

tokenframe nft frames

#3 Metasill NFT frame

  • Colour options: black, white, wood
  • Price range: From $1,299.00 to $4,999.00
  • Payment Method: Card payment
  • Sizes: from 10 to 75 inches
  • Shipping: Only US
  • Tax is not included in the price.

Visit Metasill here!

Metasill NFT frame

Conclusion of Digital NFT Frames

Digital NFT frames are a modern and fashionable way to utilize NFTs. The frames are easy to use and easily fit different kinds of spaces as they have lots of variety in size. For the most enthusiastic cryptocurrency users, the frames are also available in different cryptocurrencies.

After comparing the features we can see that is definitely the most cost-effective one. TokenFrame does not fall far behind as it has a wide variety of options in terms of colour and a selection of 10-inch frames. Metasill is also a considerable option but it is very expensive and limited in terms of availability as the other two.

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