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On September 16th Grizzly. fi (GHNY) launched a new staking feature for the cryptocurrency – Freezing. GHNY owners can now freeze their honey tokens for three different time durations.

The purpose of Grizzly Freezer is to help holders commit and support the token for the medium/long term. For the token holders, this means higher staking rewards such as higher APY and airdrops for other tokens.

In addition to holding the GHNY tokens, holders who have frozen their grizzly tokens will get a Moneta airdrop in December. How these airdrops work is that users will get x amount of moneta tokens for freezing a certain duration of GHNY tokens.

For users freezing for 1 month, there will be 5 MON per GHNY token. For users freezing for 3 months, there will be 10 MON per GHNY token. And users who freeze for 6 months, will get 20 MON per GHNY token.

Grizzly token freezing possibilities
Source: website

The Base APR of Honeypot is showcased for comparison. Users freezing honey tokens can also have multiple freezing positions. However, it is important to know that users cannot claim frozen GHNY tokens during the freeze.

For a more thorough introduction to Grizzly Freezer by the company behind the project, check out the video below:

All lengths of tenures and their current APR, and incoming airdrops:

  • 1 month: Freezer APR of 164.12%, 5 MON from Moneta airdrop
  • 3 months: Freezer APR of 208.88%, 10 MON from Moneta airdrop
  • 6 months: Freezer APR of 253.64%, 20 MON from Moneta airdrop

If you want to find out different ways of staking GHNY tokens besides freezing, you can check the options on their tokenomics here. However, if you want to find out more information on the token features and how you can get hold it check out our review here!

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