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The mobile MMO real-time strategy game League of Kingdoms is all set to launch on Polygon blockchain, in partnership with Polygon Studios, the latter’s gaming and NFT arm.

In a new development shared by the Polygon Studios on their Medium page, the widely popular MMORTS (Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy) mobile game ‘League of Kingdoms’ will soon launch on the Polygon blockchain.

LoK as it is popularly referred to, League of Kingdoms is a mobile MMO strategy game wherein players are pitted against each other in real-time territorial wars. They get to set up their own kingdoms and armies, and can even try overthrowing other empires for their own territorial expansion.

The game was originally launched on the Ethereum blockchain. It is now officially implementing the Polygon blockchain, in partnership with Polygon Studios, a branch of Polygon (MATIC) which is focused on the NFT and blockchain gaming world. Polygon Studios is continuously engaged in connecting Web2 with Web3 worlds, while concurrently facilitating NFT development on the Polygon network. 

How will this development impact LoK and its players?

The move to Polygon will lead to quicker in-game transactions and lower gas fees for the LoK players. There are a handful of ways in which players can earn rewards while playing this game. The first is by purchasing the LAND NFTs offered within the game, which entitle players to digital real estate that can be monetised to earn revenue in the future. They can also compete against each other to earn $LOKA governance tokens. Additionally, adopting and training a Drago can earn them $DST tokens.

Players get to indulge in various in-game activities such as electing kingdom leaders and taking part in battlefield fights. All these activities will hereafter get backed by the Polygon blockchain, enabling players to enjoy the League of Kingdoms even more.

It’s worth noting that Polygon already enjoys a fairly robust position in the NFT and gaming world, with more than 100,000 native blockchain gamers currently using the platform, hot on the heels of Ethereum, the market leader in this space. 

All the NFTs and LANDs in LoK will be stored on the Polygon blockchain, in a transparent and verifiable manner, facilitating easy ownership and trades for players.

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