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Bit Hotel, the upcoming NFT-based play-to-earn (P2E) social metaverse game, has opened its business floor rooms for sale to applications.

Bit Hotel (BTH), which recently concluded the first-ever private room sale of its 8-bit gaming metaverse, in collaboration with Babylons, a next-gen NFT marketplace, has now officially put up its business floor rooms for sale to applications.

The first Bit Hotel IRO (Initial Room Offering) included 5 different types of private rooms, namely, Two Person Room, Family Room, Starter Studio, Comfortable Studio and Extravagant Studio, each with different scarcity and rarity level. As per reports, all the rooms got sold out in a matter of a few minutes.

The Bit Hotel team announced the business rooms sale in a detailed blog post on Medium recently, and simultaneously tweeted about it through their official Twitter handle. These commercial properties are built on the Bit Hotel’s higher floors, and can be purchased by applications.

What’s on offer?

Anyone who gets accepted for business floor room purchase will receive many extra perks besides the ones that come with private room ownership in the Bit Hotel metaverse. These additional perks include:

  • Customised and branded room décor on the room’s floor/wall.
  • A private metaverse environment to hold business discussions and/or AMAs (Ask Me Anything) in text/voice mode. Only the owner gets to send invites.
  • Custom branded NFT assets that can be distributed amongst followers and/or community members. 

Apart from all the above, the owner will also get exclusive allocations during future INO launchpads, better staking returns and higher voting rights. These benefits can even be shared with the followers and community members. 

How to apply?

It should be noted that these business floor rooms are not being sold on a first-come first-serve basis, as was the case with private rooms. These are exclusive and limited commercial properties which can be acquired only after following a certain process. It involves filling up an application form and providing the following details:

  • Motivation behind applying and why should one get picked for owning a business floor room.
  • Value-additions one will be making to the Bit Hotel metaverse, in terms of cross-promotions, content, community-building activities and more.
  • Required room size, custom branding details and any other specific needs like furniture, artwork etc.
  • Any suggestions, ideas or remarks one may have regarding the business rooms and/or Bit Hotel as a whole.

The applicants will get picked up based on how well they meet Bit Hotel’s requirements and will be communicated accordingly. Interested businesses can apply by visiting this page.

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