Are cat tokens the next Inu Train?

Yes, it’s true. In an era where investors are constantly searching for the next big thing, it appears that cat tokens might be the answer.

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What is a “Cat Token?” That’s a great question – and we have just the answer for you! Cat tokens come in many varieties, but they all have one thing in common: each token has a picture of a cat on it. Some say these coins may go as high as $1B Markett cap within the next alt season.

How did the cat token start?

Well, like many great things, they got started on Reddit. One day, someone posted a website to the cryptocurrency subreddit with the title “I’m launching a new cryptocurrency.” That website is called CryptoKitties, and it allows users to collect, breed and trade digital cats (or cat tokens).

What about the future?

Well, there’s a lot of potential for cat tokens because it’s such a niche market. Not many people have cat tokens because it’s such a niche market. However, people who do collect cat tokens say they were shocked by the amount of money they made since release.

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