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The recently launched arbitrage trading service provider Arbitrage Robot has announced that its native RBTR token is now accepted on several arbitrage trading platforms, including UKRobo, Pump Signal and Rubot.

Arbitrage Robot announces RBTR acceptance on multiple arbitrage trading platforms

Arbitrage Robot recently announced via a press release that it’s all set to launch a newly-developed arbitrage platform. As per its official website, this arbitrage platform will allow crypto investors and traders to make effective use of its native arbitrage engine. This engine has been designed specifically to help locate potentially profitable arbitrage opportunities across various crypto markets.

The press release explains how it can be quite hard for starting-out crypto investors and traders, having little or no experience in arbitrage trading, to profit from opportunities hidden in crowded markets. The RBTR token-powered arbitrage platform provides a robotic application that enables these investors and traders to execute timely arbitrage trades. 

Other than reducing trade risks, the native arbitrage engines keep a constant watch on changing market conditions. As a result, they’re able to provide potentially profitable arbitrage opportunities, as and when they arise, followed by their automatic execution.

The company further informed that people interested in using the arbitrage platform can do so through Arbitrage Robot Token (RBTR). 

Platforms compatible with RBTR

Some of the platforms that allow use of RBTR include:

UKRobo – This is an arbitrage trading platform developed by a UK-based company known as UKRobo Ltd. The platform’s users can make automatic arbitrage trades through bots, thus eliminating the need of any technical expertise. 

Rubot – Developed by Rubot Info Co. Ltd., this platform allows users to place manual arbitrage trades. They are also free to use the automated, robot-powered arbitrage trading as and when they deem fit.

Pump Signal – This is an arbitrage system comprising several analysts and business owners that particularly help new crypto traders in profiting from the crypto trading industry. The system also lets users utilize the automatic trading robot, whenever they need it.

Arbitrage Robot – Lastly, RBTR token can be actively used on the Arbitrage Robot platform developed by the US-based Robot Trade LLC. Traders can freely place trades in the arbitrage market with the help of the platform’s robotic trading features.

RBTR is already listed on multiple online platforms

The Arbitrage Robot token has already been listed on multiple reputed online platforms like Coingecko, Nomics and Coinmarketcap. It can be actively traded on decentralized crypto exchanges like Pancakeswap (v2) and Biswap, as of writing.

RBTTR has a total supply of 1 billion tokens. Initially, 20% of the total supply has been circulated in the market through private sales and an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). More info regarding the token can be found here on our review of Arbitrage (RBTR) token.

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