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Lunartics is a fantastically playful launch of 10,000 NFTs destined to become the next great animated series created by Animation legend Julius Preite (Simpsons, Family Guy) and notorious Writer/Producer Dan E. Fesman (King of Queens, NCIS). Armed with tiny bodies and even tinier minds, Lunartics have been making desperate attempts to Moon It since 1969 when Neil Armstrong unwittingly ripped them away from their home.

Each season launches new animations of the Lunartics’ most futile and embarrassing moon missions over the past 50 years. Lunartics holders can vote on upcoming missions and help shape the series! Their character may even pop up in a future episode. Holders can also collect virtual Moon Rocks and mine them for additional NFTs. Go behind the scenes with 2 industry insiders, rub shoulders with an exclusive community of creators and animators, and be a part of the next big bang when blockchain technology converges with the world of entertainment!

Animation “The Lunartics”

Trailer of the new The Lunartics is available in Youtube. Please check below

Rarity of “The Lunartics” NFT

The Lunartics have 9 different traits that includes body, bottom, eyes, hat, mouth, shoes, trail, upper and background. Please see the image below.

Traits of the lunartics NFT's

5.0 rating
New Alt Coins
4.5 rating
NEXO: Stake and Earn + Rocket

4.3 rating
APE: Decentralized Governance + Rocket

4.3 rating
HBAR: Decentralized Governance + Secure

4.5 rating
FTM: Fast, High-throughput Open-Source + Scalable

4.0 rating
LINK: Decentralized Oracle Networks + Blockchain