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Elysium Shell is NFT collection with 9999 supplies.It’s a collection of 9999 pieces of fine 3D artwork presented by the Elysium production team. The genesis drop represents the singular point that triggers all excitement and possibilities.Elysium Shell is NFT collection with 9999 supplies.

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Rarity of Elysium Shell

Rarity of NFT Collection Elysium Shell
5.0 rating
New Alt Coins
4.5 rating
NEXO: Stake and Earn + Rocket

4.3 rating
APE: Decentralized Governance + Rocket

4.3 rating
HBAR: Decentralized Governance + Secure

4.5 rating
FTM: Fast, High-throughput Open-Source + Scalable

4.0 rating
LINK: Decentralized Oracle Networks + Blockchain