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Trust Wallet is one of the most popular wallets available as an application for both android and iOS users. It supports all Ethereum assets including ERC20 and ERC721 tokens; Binance smart Chain including BEP2; and a total of 1M assets currently. This makes it a very powerful wallet and you can use it to store all your tokens in one place. It allows easy integration with most decentralized exchanges and also has a direct swap function to buy/sell tokens.  

The Trust Wallet also offers a Web3 browser that can be used to interact with any decentralized application (dApp). 

The Trust Wallet application is available for both Android and iOS users. Below is the step-by-step guide for installing and using Trust Wallet. 

Installing Trust Wallet on iOS

For installing Trust Wallet on iOS, you will need to install the extension for browser support which is available in the iOS store. The steps for installing Trust Wallet on iOS are outlined below. 

  • Head to the official site for Trust Wallet and click on the download now button for iOS. It will open a new window as shown below. 
Trustwallet cryptocurrency app
  • Click on the Get button and the download will begin. 

Installing Trust wallet on Android

If you wish to use Trust Wallet for Android, select the Android option and click on download. The Trust Wallet app page will take you to the Google Play Store app where you can download the app. The steps for creating a wallet are the same for all app stores and are described below.

Creating New Account On Trust Wallet 

At this stage, you will need to create a new Trust Wallet if you don’t have one already. You may import an old wallet or create a new one and the steps are outlined below. 

  • To create a new wallet, click on the Create a new wallet button. 
Creation of a new Trust Wallet
  • Click on the I agree button to accept the terms and conditions. 
Trust Wallet terms and conditions
  • This will take you to another window where you will be asked to back up the new wallet. Check the three boxes and click on Continue. 
  • In this step, you will be required to save the secret phrase which is required to reinstall the wallet later on a new device. This is a very important step and you must take care to write down the secret recovery phrase as it will be required to restore/reinstall the wallet account later in case you wish/need to. Losing the phrase may mean losing access to the wallet forever and also losing all funds or assets inside the wallet so please be very careful and store the secret recovery phrase in a safe location. Copy and save the phrase and click on Continue. 
Trust Wallet 12-word secret phrase
  • This will open a new window where you will need to confirm the secret recovery phrase. Type the words in the exact same sequence and click on the Continue button. 
Verification of Trust Wallet secret phrase
  • This is it! The wallet is now successfully created. It will show Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BNB by default. Clicking on respective chains will show their tokens. 
Trust Wallet interface with default currencies

How to Deposit Coins to Trust Wallet wallet

For depositing coins to your Trust Wallet, you will need to share the wallet address. If you wish to transfer the coins from an exchange, simply copy and paste the wallet address and click on the send option. You can then view the deposited coins in your Trustwallet once they are deposited. You might need to add the tokens manually before you are able to view them as a custom token. To view the token’s deposit address, simply click on the token and it will open the address which can be copied or scanned easily as shown below. 

Trust Wallet QR code

How to transfer funds in Trust Wallet?

Trust Wallet can be used to transfer funds at the click of a button. Simply input the address where you wish to send tokens and click on the send button.

  • You can also buy/sell/swap tokens directly using Trust Wallet or the exchange function by clicking on the relevant buttons. 
Trust Wallet exchange function in action

Using Trust Wallet to login into different services

You can use the Trust Wallet wallet to buy and sell tokens on decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap. The Trust Wallet wallet can also be used to receive airdrops and other rewards.

  • On Uniswap, click on Connect Wallet button and it will open a new window where you can click on the WalletConnect option and connect your Trust Wallet as shown below. It will ask for permission which can be granted in the Trust Wallet app and it will connect seamlessly with Uniswap and you can proceed to buy/sell tokens. The purchased tokens will be directly deposited to your Trust Wallet address.
Metamask Uniswap

Staking Feature on Trust Wallet

The Trust Wallet app allows users to stake their cryptocurrencies from the app at the click of a button easily. The Trust Wallet provides APR of as high as 11% on different assets. The Trust Wallet app supports staking for these cryptos: BNB, TRX, XTZ, ATOM, LUNA, VET, CLO, KAVA, TOMO, IOTX, and ALGO at the time of writing.

The staking feature is very useful as users can earn a passive income from staking rather than simply storing their cryptocurrencies on the Trust Wallet app. It is a great method to earn an income from idle assets that you are not currently trading actively. 

Trust wallet is an easy-to-use wallet for both Ethereum and Binance tokens. It can also be integrated into some other chains and the wallet is constantly adding new features and functionality with cross-chain support. It is an easy solution to store all your assets in one wallet and is supported by most decentralized exchanges where you can trade easily at the click of a button by connecting to your Trust Wallet wallet. The wallet also provides support for storing NFTs and currently supports NFTs on the Ethereum and Binance chain. More cross-chain support will be added in the future. However, the wallet extension does not support browsers currently and users must use it via an app on the Android or iOS store.