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NFT Collection reviews has reviewed the above NFT collections to gather necessary information of NFT's for it's readers. We have collected important information like “Tokenomics”, history, and who's behind each and every collection.

NFT's been booming since 2020 and due to popularity, there are a lot of fraudulent and scam NFT tokens available on the internet.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about NFT Collectionis

What is NFT Collection?

NFT, stand for Non-Fungible Token. Non-fungible mean that token is unique and cannot be replaced with something else! – Unique!

How do NFT's Work?

Highlevel explanation on how NFT's work is that they are part of one of the blockchains like crypto currencies, but are unique in the grand scheme of blockchain.

How Is an NFT Different from Cryptocurrency?

The similarity of NFT and currencies is that they are built using similar programming as currencies. Cryptocurrencies are “Fungible”, meaning they can be traded and exchanged. NFT's are “non-fungible” meaning that each NFT has unique signature and hence is not tradable.