Taboo Token (TABOO)

Taboo Token (TABOO)

Taboo Token: Adult Industry + Popular

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  • Market cap for the token is $10 million
  • Daily trading volume for the token is approximately $120,000
  • Has developed a strong use case for the adult industry.
  • Has incorporated the ability to purchase crypto directly with fiat currency
  • 2% of the fee is redistributed to users thereby serving as a source of passive income.
  • Ø The Taboo token can be staked for earning additional rewards.
  • Uncertainty involving regulation and legality means that the Taboo Token is a volatile instrument.
  • A huge portion of the supply is under the control of a few whales who can choose to manipulate the price if they want.

Taboo Token (TABOO) in a nutshell


The Taboo Token (TABOO) targets the untapped adult industry seeking to become the playboy of the blockchain world. The Taboo Token will seek to provide the right remuneration to adult entertainers and also provide its customer with curated and quality adult content.

The adult industry is huge but is plagued with many problems such as shady websites that frequently scam its users. The Taboo Token is built on a tier membership model and will provide additional features to users depending on how many Taboo tokens they hold. A higher tier level will require more Taboo tokens. VIP members who hold tokens will get access to exclusive events and parties and the content access is also determined by the tier level a user holds.

Taboo Token also provides a source of passive income for its holders as 2% of the transaction fee is redistributed to its users. 

However, the Taboo token is still a very volatile cryptocurrency and a highly risky investment and it will take some time before the price can stabilize. It is also unclear what regulations the token will be subjected to in different regulations as the adult industry is governed by different laws in different countries.

Tokenomics of TABOO

The initial total supply of TABOO was 10,000,000,000 tokens but the supply has reduced since then as tokens are burnt while carrying out transactions. 600,000,000 tokens have been reserved for the marketing fund, and 600,000,000 for a development fund.

The transaction fee is redistributed in the following manner:

2% is used for providing liquidity

4% is used for providing liquidity

1% of each transaction is burnt

Has Taboo Token been audited and doxxed?

Yes. Taboo Token was audited by TechRate and has been doxxed. The team behind Taboo Token publishes regular documentation via press releases and is active on social media channels.

Trust & Fairness: 3

Exchanges & Swaps: 3

Tokenomics: 4

Community: 5

Overall Rating: 3.75

Detailed Review of Taboo Token (TABOO)

The Taboo token has been built on the Binance Smart Chain and is planning to add cross-chain functionality soon. The Taboo Token seeks to provide authentic content and will also implement a global NFT marketplace for the adult industry. The entertainers can sell their content to users either on a one-time basis or on a subscription model. It is being built on a tier level with successively higher levels providing additional features as described below.

Tier 1: Free and available to all users. Free access to teasers of higher tiers and erotic stories. A 10% transaction fee will be charged.

Tier 2: This tier level would require a minimum holding of $1000 worth of Taboo tokens. It would include everything in Tier 1 along with exclusive adult video content; access to voice and video chat with performers, 10% discount for users in the merchandise store. A 7.5% transaction fee will be charged.

Tier 3: This tier level would require a minimum holding of $5000 worth of Taboo tokens. It would include everything in Tier 1 & 2 along with the ability for private messaging, ability to place private requests, and 15% additional discount in the merchandise store. A 5% transaction fee will be charged.

Tier 3: This highest tier level would require a minimum holding of $10,000 worth of Taboo tokens. It would include everything in Tier 1, 2 &3 along with exclusive access to parties and events; a chance to meet the favorite performer, the ability to access Taboo mansion parties, and the ability to access exclusive merchandise. A 2.5% transaction fee will be charged.

The Taboo token will prove to be beneficial for both the entertainers as well as users as it would provide a reliable source of revenue while providing exclusive and high-quality adult content for its users.

Where and How to Buy Taboo Token?

Taboo token is only available in just a few exchanges. You can buy TABOO on, LBank, Latoken, and via PancakeSwap. 

You can buy TABOO either through cash via P2P (peer-to-peer), credit or debit cards, or through other cryptocurrencies.

If you already hold some crypto, then you can use the coins to purchase TABOO directly through the native decentralized exchange known as PancakeSwap. All you need to do is connect your wallet such as Metamask and select the appropriate coin pair that you wish to use for purchasing TABOO (for example BTC/TABOO or BNB/TABOO). The decentralized exchanges are a quicker and easier method that guarantees anonymity as you do not have to deposit fiat currencies or complete a KYC process before purchasing the Taboo Token. You can also use TABOO for purchasing other altcoins through the decentralized route as explained above.

What Can you do With the Taboo Token?

Hodl as a long term investor: The developers of TABOO have plans to include the token as a form of payment on adult NFT marketplaces all over the world. You could also simply hodl it and gain from its price appreciation in the long term. The token also generates passive income for its holders as 2% of the fee is redistributed to all users.

Swap TABOO to other BSC tokens: You can use TABOO and directly swap to other altcoins on a decentralized exchange. The process is quick and simple and is described below.

How to Swap TABOO to other altcoins

Simply head over to a decentralized exchange and connect your wallet. Then, select the amount of TABOO you wish to spend (factoring in transaction fees) and swap it for another crypto token. You will receive the tokens in the same wallet.

Upcoming Events/Launches

The Taboo Token has plans to launch version 2 of its NFT marketplace which will incorporate the ability for its users to access and mint exclusive NFTs. Taboopunks are NFTs that will enable holders to access exclusive events. The developers also plan to launch a global adult NFT ecosystem marketplace and the ability to mint NFTs. This will be an important breakthrough for the meme coin and will help in generating more rewards for its users.

The developers will also begin hosting parties and events for Taboo token holders soon. 

Token Price of Taboo Token (TABOO)

The all-time high price of one TABOO was $0.063936 on November 3, 2021. It is currently trading at $0.01421085 at the time of writing (Source: CoinGecko). The all-time low price was $0.00018467 on August 11, 2021. Comparing the all-time low and all-time high price, we get returns of about 7798% which are very impressive returns for a small cap meme cryptocurrency.

The TABOO price can be checked on sites like CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. The coin can also be tracked with detailed charts on PooCoin.

Taboo Token (TABOO) Details

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