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Radio Caca (RACA) has teamed up with the Cambridge University Blockchain Society to deliver an innovative and high-quality education system within the United States of Mars (USM) Metaverse.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a major negative impact on the education industry world-over. Almost 1.6 billion students in 192 countries, which make up 91% of the global student population, have faced noteworthy interruptions in their academic progress. As a result, new online teaching models have become the focal point in every aspect of education today.

In the light of these developments and to further drive home the point that Metaverses are the new frontiers for delivering quality education, Radio Caca (RACA) has joined hands with the Cambridge University Blockchain Society, to create a new-age Metaverse education system. This model is aimed at promoting educational equity and empowering education reform at the global level.

Metaverse remained a hot topic in 2021, with online giants like Microsoft, Tencent and Facebook accelerating their Metaverse projects. Armed with Radio Caca’s continuous focus on development and deployment of technologies like Metaverse, Layer 1 & Layer 2 blockchains, DAOs, NFTs (for ex. Maye Musk Mystery Box or MPB NFTs) and cross-chain bridging and communication infrastructures, United States of Mars (USM) Metaverse will soon witness the launch of various educational programs.

Smart Remote Curriculum

The education system will remain unhindered by external interruptions and will not be limited by any classroom equipment. Information will be disseminated inside virtual 3d environments, thus offering an immersive learning experience to students. One can expect novel and innovative teaching practices optimised for specific subjects.

Educational Equity

The biggest objective of launching this new education model is to improve educational equity. The project will reach out to and offer world class education to students in geographic locations where there are limited or no educational resources. Learners from all backgrounds and education levels will be welcome, irrespective of their socioeconomic standing.

Transparent and Fair Education

USM will use NFTs created from the learning content, to ensure fair sharing and copyright integrity. All student records and resources including exams, homework, grades and behaviours will get recorded on the blockchain, to provide fair assessments and dynamically optimised guidance.

As educational resources will be modular in nature, Teachers will be able to create their own modules by combining the existing ones, and thus customise systems based on students’ requirements. 

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