Lindsay Lohan collaborates with Superfandom to launch her ‘Experiential NFTs’

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Popular Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan is all set to launch her ‘Experiential NFTs’ on the Superfandom platform and join them as an advisor.

Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan has reportedly partnered with the Superfandom platform to release her first-ever ‘Experiential NFTs’. The star will also join the NFT marketplace in the capacity of an advisor, thus helping them attract other popular celebrities and artists. 

Don’t know what are NFTs? Here’s where you can learn all about them.

While Lindsay Lohan has well-known social figures like Richard Karn (Home Improvement), Riya Sen (Bollywood Actress), Jack Busey (Starship Troopers) and Jubin Nautiyal (Singer) to give her company on the portal, she is the biggest star to get associated with Superfandom so far.

What are experiential NFTs?

Experiential non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are different from the regular NFTs in the manner that they give holders/fans the unique opportunity to interact with their idols, in person or in a virtual environment. In other words, these NFTs work as passes or tickets that offer virtual/real-world experiences with the creators. For instance, if the experiential NFT is issued by a celebrity chef, s/he may invite the fan over for a specially cooked meal. On the other hand, if it’s a singer behind the NFT, s/he may offer backstage access to the fan.

About Superfandom

Superfandom, a Rare Sense subsidiary, is an NFT marketplace developed on a layer-1 blockchain called Stacks, which settles all its transactions on Bitcoin. It is targeted at celebs interested in monetising their stardom in an innovative way, and fans who don’t mind paying money to gain special access to their favourite stars. 

Speaking to Cointelegraph, Sophia Pervez, CSO, Superfandom said, “These aren’t your typical CryptoPunk or Bored Ape type of art NFT. Experiential NFTs are more suitable for creators because digital art [NFTs are great] if you’re an artist, but what if you’re a chef or an actor?” 

Pervez further informed that the platform is expected to go live within two weeks, at the time of writing. The experiences offered by stars include appearance with them in a video, acting coaching, gym session or a simple hang out. 

Not a first for Lindsay

Notably, this isn’t the first time that Lindsay Lohan has forayed into the NFT space. She already has a NFT music single to her credit and has even used Rarible in the past to sell a Daft Punk themed NFT for $15,000. However, we couldn’t learn what exact experience she plans to offer through her NFT on Superfandom.

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