Hedera’s HBAR integrates with Travala.com to deliver cost-effective and swift transactions

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The HBAR Foundation recently announced its partnership with Travala.com, a well-known crypto-friendly travel agency, to offer cost-effective and swift bookings to digital nomads.

The past decade has witnessed a notable rise in the number of remote workers in all parts of the world. These are digital nomads who prefer moving from place to place, working from wherever they like. Interestingly, 16% of them possess digital assets and like using them actively. It is to cater to this demographic that a travel portal like Travala.com came into existence. 

Founded in the year 2017, Travala.com is powered by blockchain tech. It employs AVA, its native token for powering its customer loyalty program, affiliate program, best price guarantee, standard booking givebacks, referral program and more. The primary aim of Travala is to make crypto payments mainstream in the global travel industry. 

HBAR integrates with Travala

The HBAR Foundation which promotes development of the Hedera (HBAR) network and offers a comprehensive grant program towards this end, recently announced the integration of HBAR as a valid payment option, on the Travala.com website. The collaboration will work as an important step in encouraging innovators to develop on Hedera network, using HBAR.

As a result of this partnership, travellers will now be able to pay with HBAR to book at over 2.2 million homes and hotels, 600 airlines and 40,000+ activities, in more than 230 countries.

Talking about the collaboration, Elaine Song of the HBAR Foundation said, “That Hedera is an enterprise-grade network is a great fit for a platform like Travala that requires significant throughput and scale. In a competitive market, Travala knows that reliably fast transactions lead to a great user experience. Hedera is a perfect fit to solve this challenge.”

Shane Sibley, Travala.com’s Head of Business Development highlighted HBAR’s energy-efficiency and speed, and said, “As we continue to expand our network of cryptocurrency accessibility, we’re particularly excited to onboard HBAR, as is Hedera one of the fastest and most energy-efficient networks. HBAR is accelerating the payment process with their transaction speeds for bookings, thus creating a better user experience and journey for travelers.”

The team at Travala expressed optimism that HBAR’s efficiency, security, speed and low cost will help the coin emerge as the preferred crypto payment method for the travel platform’s wide userbase. Courtesy the above-listed benefits, travellers can rest assured that while booking experiences with HBAR, the price they see on the page is what they will be charged.

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