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The widely acclaimed P2E NFT-based game Dragonary recently released its development report for the month of January 2022, highlighting multiple fixes and new features incorporated in a very short span of time.

The team behind Dragonary, the hugely popular NFT-based play-to-earn (P2E) game, recently released their development update for the month of January 2022. Dragonary has Coinary Token (CYT) as its native currency, used for the purchase of various in-game NFT-based assets. Some of these assets include dragons, islands and collectibles of different rarity levels. 

The dev update was made public via a blog post on their official website. From the looks of it, the team had a very busy start of the year as it had to add a host of features to the game, in a very short timeframe. Here’s a brief glance over the ground covered this past month.

Integrations based on the community feedback

The Dragonary team lays a lot of emphasis on community feedback, and incorporates all kinds of fixes, changes and new features to impress its players. They made the below-listed integrations into the game, resulting in the 2.4.1 version of the game:

  • New main menu background
  • PVP backgrounds’ synchronization based on rarity verification
  • Animated random backgrounds in PVP mode when the opponent has the same rarity
  • CPU usage optimization via asynchronous selfie uploads on Battles, Cards and Barracks
  • Integration of avatars from UDC, TNC and Xcution
  • Improvements in the Dragonarya’s gameplay environment
  • Integration of Poison Dragons

Besides these, the devs have begun work on new dragon moves and cameras, as well as restructuring of the selfie taker.

Poison Dragons

As mentioned above, Poison Dragons have been integrated into the game, based on their innate #1 and #2 abilities. The team has used SFX and VFX to make them more vivid. 

While the Dragonary’s Poison element was already introduced in version 2.4, it has undergone some improvements in version 2.4.1.

Other updates

Apart from all the above, players will notice certain graphical adjustments and improvements on the Dragon’s cards, in every panel. Dragon’s global list filters have been refined too. Integration of a pagination system will ensure a friendlier UX/UI.

Bugs-related feedback taken on Discord has also been acted upon. Following are some of the bugs that devs have tackled successfully:

  • PVE loop
  • Issue faced with Xcution and TNC avatars
  • Looping issue while logging in from the Coinary Hub
  • Nest’s issue
  • Minor problems in PVP battle mode

Lastly, the Dragonary team informed that they conduct various tests after developers are through with their work, to make sure that the end-product is good to go live.

Coinary Token was trading at $0.010 as of writing, down 5% from its previous day value.

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