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Nuvei’s integration with Dapper Labs’ Flow will facilitate a frictionless checkout experience for fiat purchases in dApps running on the Flow blockchain.

Nuvei Corporation, a global payment technology company serving a wide range of brands announced via a press release recently that they’ve integrated with Dapper Labs’ Flow (FLOW), a developer-friendly, quick and decentralised blockchain actively used by some of the largest brands of the world.

This is a significant step in enabling smooth FUSD (Flow USD) stablecoin transactions and fiat NFT purchases on the Flow platform. As a result, dApps created on Flow will be able to offer a seamless checkout process to their users.

Flow is Dapper Labs’ only layer 1 blockchain. The company is well-known for consistently delivering exceptional consumer blockchain experiences via products like NBA Top Shot, Dapper Wallet and CryptoKitties. The group plans to launch an NFT marketplace too, wherein users will get to access and mint exclusive NFTs. There’s a comprehensive social gaming network in the works as well. 

What does this collaboration mean for Flow?

By enabling people to pay seamlessly via FUSD, Nuvei will bring an easy-to-integrate, flexible and innovative stablecoin processing solution for Flow developers. 

It’s worth noting that almost 35% of all NFT traders are presently on the Flow blockchain. With this integration, Flow’s developers and NFT marketplace consumers will be able to facilitate and make smooth fiat NFT purchases with FUSD, respectively.

Additionally, Flow’s NFT platforms will gain increased connectivity, which will help them tap into a broader consumer base, especially people looking for simple and quick means to buy NFTs with fiat currency.   

Philip Fayer, the CEO and Chairman of Nuvei stated via the PR, “We’re delighted to be integrated with Flow—it’s exciting to see that its network is increasingly becoming the blockchain of choice for NFT traders.” He further said, “Now, thanks to our new integration, this increasing number of NFT platforms can offer their customers the ability to purchase FUSD with fiat quickly and seamlessly.”

Dapper Labs’ Mickey Maher, SVP of Partnerships said, “Nuvei brings a great payment experience option for both consumers and developers on Flow. We’re thrilled to have them join the growing ecosystem and play a crucial part in further enabling mainstream adoption of Web3.”

Furthermore, with this partnership, Flow will also get to tap into Nuvei’s customised risk management and fraud protection technologies, powered by proven artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. All this will potentially lead to higher liquidity, improved transition rates and instant fiat purchases.

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