Dan Larimer announces Fractally: Claims it’ll fulfil the original EOS vision from 2017

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Renowned software programmer and co-founder of projects like EOS, Steem and BitShares, Daniel Larimer, has announced the rebranding of ClarionOS as ‘Fractally’, to fulfil the original promise of the EOS network.

Daniel Larimer recently announced the rebranding of ClarionOS, as Fractally, via multiple channels including a Medium blog post, a YouTube video and tweets from his official Twitter handle. 

He has introduced Fractally as the next generation of DAOs (Decentralised Autonomous Organisations) which will fulfil the original vision laid-out by the EOS blockchain in 2017. It intends to do so by combining a high-performance smart contract platform (EOS), a social media network (Steem) and a blockchain-powered decentralised exchange (BitShares) with what he refers to as ‘Fractal Democracy,’ which as per him is the most advanced decentralised governance process existing in the market today.

According to his blog post, Fractally will be, “a blockchain-based social media platform, powered by fractal governance and incentivised with DeFi” 

The details of Fractally’s vision will be made public via the release of the project’s whitepaper and a special YouTube premiere on ‘TwosDay’, that is 2/2/22 at 22:22:22 UTC. 

It should be noted that it was Larimer only who introduced the concept of ‘Decentralised Autonomous Company’ back in 2013, which went viral, and later evolved into ‘Decentralised Autonomous Organisation’ (DAO), a term widely used in the global crypto and blockchain industry today.

The concept behind Fractally

Fractally aims to integrate the lessons learnt from Larimer’s earlier blockchain ventures – Steem (now Hive) and BitShares. With this new project, he intends to incorporate decentralised governance as outlined in his book, “More Equal Animals – The Subtle Art of True Democracy.’ The same was tested successfully by the Eden on EOS community last year.

BitShares is reportedly the highest performance decentralised exchange till date, which enables anyone to create, exchange and distribute tokens via a simple interface and without any smart contracts. On the other hand, Steem was the first-ever social media platform to reward users for their content.

As per Larimer, “Fractally intends to produce an application for EOS that is just as powerful (as BitShares) and even easier to use while also incorporating more recent advancements in automated market makers.” He added that Fractally will also bring incentivised content creation to the EOS platform, while using the fractal governance learnings to mitigate abuse.

Please note, the fractal governance process has already been put to test via the ‘Eden on EOS’ community, wherein hundreds of people participated in 3 elections.

Larimer further revealed that Fractally has hired John Williamson, the founder of Violet.garden a social blogging app that runs on EOS, to create a well-governed social media platform for the EOS blockchain. 

While all these developments sound exciting for the future of EOS, only time will tell if the blockchain will eventually prove to be as revolutionary as it seemed, at the time of its launch.

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