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Chirply community can now freely trade the native BEP20 CHRP token on the Bybit crypto exchange

In a significant development for the new micro and nano influencer marketing platform Chirpley, its native token CHRP has been successfully listed on the Bybit crypto exchange. The announcement of the upcoming Bybit launch was earlier reported on the BSC news portal. With CHRP now listed on Bybit, the latter’s global user base can easily buy, sell and trade CHRP with Tether (USDT) stablecoin. 

Commenting on the important event, Job Ter Horst, Founder and CEO, Chirpley said that the listing of CHRP token on Bybit is an exciting step forward that will help them in expanding their network world over. He reiterated that their platform doesn’t hold any value without its community, and getting CHRP listed on a reputed exchange will help them in delivering an even more rewarding and stronger experience to next-gen influencers and brands, while also extending the platform’s international community. 

Bybit listing on the heels of a successful IDO launch

The CHRP token’s listing on the Bybit exchange comes on the heels of a successful IDO launch. It happened on 25+ different launchpads throughout the month of August 2022. A total of 100 million CHRP were on offer out of a maximum supply of 1 billion.

CHRP serves as a deflationary utility token of the Chirpley ecosystem. Users can avail a 50% discount on transactions by using CHRP.

According to the Chirpley team, having scored a successful debut in the crypto market, Chirpley is all set to forge significant connections in the sector. It will help it create a fully engaged community which will lay a solid foundation for the project’s future expansion into various markets, niches and sub-niches. The organization will also benefit from ample liquidity, which will fuel its consistent growth and enable it to stay ahead of the competition.

About Chirpley

Chirpley is a new age peer-to-peer and automated influencer marketing platform. It’s a significantly decentralized ecosystem that strives to match micro and nano influencers with big and small brands, allowing for automation of influencer marketing in a matter of a few minutes. Its uniqueness stems from the fact that it is both time effective and cost effective. The platform aspires to overcome issues currently plaguing the influencer marketing landscape, particularly – improper valuation of influencers, lack of automation in campaigns and manual matchmaking.

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