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Bit Hotel, the upcoming NFT-based P2E social metaverse game has officially announced
integration of Moonbeam, a well-known Ethereum-compatible parachain on Polkadot, into its

BitHotel Integrates now with moonbeam chain!

In an important collaboration for both Bit Hotel (BTH) P2E game and the Polkadot parachain Moonbeam, the latter has been formally integrated into the former’s ecosystem. It comes as an important development for the Bit Hotel metaverse project, right on the heels of its whitepaper release to the BNB Chain’s community. 

As a result of this development, Moonbeam users will now be able to play, compete, collect, earn and trade in-game assets available in the Bit Hotel’s P2E metaverse.

Moonbeam to get dedicated areas inside Bit Hotel

Speaking to the BSC News, Leon, Head of Operations, Bit Hotel, said that Moonbeam will be provided their own dedicated and customized conference room inside the Bit Hotel, where it will be free to host any events as it deems fit. The game will offer comprehensive Moonbeam support, with exclusive Moonbeam related tournaments, mini games, areas and more. 

Partnership to be marked by an NFT airdrop and launch of an NFT marketplace

This tie-up between an upcoming metaverse project (Bit Hotel) and a widely recognized Layer 1 blockchain (Moonbeam) will be marked by the launch of a brand new NFT marketplace, accessible after connecting to the Moonbeam chain through your wallet, on the Bit Hotel’s homepage. 

Furthermore, Moonbeam-based decentralized applications (dApps) will be provided seamless integration within the Bit Hotel’s ecosystem. Moonbeam developers will be able to benefit from this collaboration in multiple ways, including by providing their users a gamified onboarding method, organizing events and raising funds through the Bit Hotel launch pad. 

In addition, all existing and future players of Bit Hotel will be able to participate in exclusive Moonbeam events.

Besides the NFT marketplace integration, the partnership will also be marked by a special give away of 200 NFTs to the Moonbeam Bit Hotel guests. 

How to participate in the NFT air drop?

You can take part in the NFT air drop by retweeting the below-provided thread and then entering your details here. More details can be found on Bit Hotel’s official Medium page.

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