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In a recent newsletter, Axie Infinity updated its community members and followers on upcoming developments that may potentially fix most of its problems, and boost the metaverse game’s active user base. 

Play-to-earn (P2E) metaverse games have gained immense popularity over the past one year. Google – Best P2E metaverse games – and you’ll most likely find the Pokemon-inspired Axie Infinity (AXS) amongst the top 3 titles in almost all the results. A lot of credit for this goes to Axie Infinity’s highly-engaged community of investors and players. 

Having stated the above, the game has somewhat lost its charm in recent times, and if experts are to be believed, there are many reasons responsible for this, including competition and some shortcomings in its own ecosystem.

Nonetheless, the Axie Infinity team recently released a development update for the month of January 2022. And going by the looks of it, there are several changes in the pipeline that may potentially turn the tide in its favour once again.

A quick overview of the January update

Other than sharing some character and art backstories for the game’s players (aka Lunacians), the newsletter provides an update on ‘Project K trading feature’ that will allow players to easily trade in-game resources with each other. This feature will most likely be rolled out in over a month.

Work is pushing full steam ahead on the ‘Axie Infinity: Origin’ as well, which is expected to launch its Alpha Test within the next few months. No exact date has been provided for the official release yet. This new version will enable new players to obtain free Axies, to get easily initiated into the game, before making any financial commitment. Users had previously complained about the cost of entering the game’s ecosystem, and it being a major entry-barrier for new players.

As reported in the newsletter, “Origin will introduce new economic balancing features such as vertical progression of Axies which will introduce much needed sinks for the economy. We are working on both a technical builders program and a creator program to make sure we can keep building together alongside our amazing community.”

With regard to the growth aspect, the team informed, “Growth has been moderate recently as the community gears up for a flurry of catalysts and launches in 2022.”

It’s worth mentioning that a recent report by Naavik, a gaming research firm, pointed out multiple issues with Axie Infinity, including its tokenomics that was causing a notable player attrition.

The game’s players, investors and followers are all hoping that the upcoming developments will resolve most of the problems ailing the ecosystem, and potentially offer a boost to new users.

As of writing, Axie Infinity’s governance token ‘AXS’ was trading at $81.43, up by around 18% from its price a week ago.  

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