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  • Beginner Friendly Exchange
  • Credit Cards Available
  • Good Cashback program
  • CRO token as base
  • Apps have bugs
  • No Web interface

History of Exchange is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that primarily caters to the British and the European market and is headquartered in Singapore and Malta. has been in the crypto sector for five years. also supports derivatives markets such as futures and options along with the ability to utilise leverage for trading. It provides up to 50X leverage and 10X for marginal trades.

Who owns is operated by the company Foris DAX Asia which was founded by Bobby Bao, Gary Or, Kris Marszalek, and Rafael Melo. Kris Marszalek is the current CEO of

Regulations of has obtained some licenses in relevant jurisdictions and has not been subjected to a lot of regulations unlike other cryptocurrency exchanges. is currently available in most countries but prohibits new user registrations from citizens and residents of Iran, North Korea, and other remote regions

In addition, may also limit access to some or all features based on the country’s jurisdiction and prevailing regulations.

What Cryptocurrencies are available on supports trading in major cryptocurrencies with over 200 coins supported currently. It offers trading in cryptocurrencies paired with other popular altcoins and 26 fiat currencies such as AUD, CAD, GBP, US Dollar, EUR and BRL.

The exchange also has a native coin called CRO that entitles users to lower fees if they hold it in their wallets. Holding CRO also provides additional benefits such as higher staking rewards and credit card rewards.

What payment methods are available on

The exchange supports direct bank transfers in multiple fiat currencies. Users can also deposit cryptocurrencies for trading.

Bank Transfer: also supports direct bank transfers in many countries.
AUD bank transfers are processed via NPP network, direct CAD transfers for Canadian customers, EUR through the SEPA network in the EU, GBP via the FPS (for UK users), USD, USDC through SWIFT and ACH network (for the US users and BRL for Brazilian users.

Third Party payment processors: The exchange also supports some third-party payment processors such as BPAY (for Australian customers),

Investment instruments offers a range of products and caters to a diverse set of clients through its multiple offerings. These services are described below. Syndicate: offers institutional support for businesses looking to list their tokens on the exchange. The platform provides marketing and the ability to introduce the token early to the customers.

Staking on Exchange allows users to stake CRO that can help them to earn additional benefits. Staking on the exchange provides an APY of 10% along with the benefit of lower trading fees. A minimum of 5000 CRO must be staked to receive the lower trading fee benefits. For users who wish to stake for a limited period, they can use the soft staking feature that allows staking CRO for a total of 180 days. However, user from Hong Kong SAR, Switzerland, or Malta cannot participate in the staking program.

Lending: Users can get loans at attractive rates of interest by providing their crypto assets as collateral. Both the exchange and app provide these features. The interest charged varies from 2-8% depending on the amount of CRO staked by a user.

Supercharger: The Supercharger allows users on the exchange to stake their tokens and earn rewards in the form of cryptocurrency tokens deposited to their wallets. Users from Hong Kong SAR, Mainland China, and the USA cannot participate in the Supercharger program. The Supercharger is a great way to earn additional rewards in the form of a passive income. All a user needs to do is click on the Supercharger tab and select the desired token. Input the amount of tokens to be staked and that is it. Once the period is complete, the rewards can be claimed by the user. There is no minimum holding period requirement and the user can withdraw the assets at any time. Card: The exchange also offers a prepaid top up card that provides various benefits such as access to lounges, subscription to services such as Netflix and amazon Prime, additional rewards on Airbnb and Expedia. The card also provides the ability to earn 8% rewards on spending. There are five categories of cards and some are offered without any annual fees.

Referral Program: For users who choose to stake CRO on the exchange, referral benefits are also available for introducing new user signups on the exchange. NFT Marketplace: Newly launched NFT marketplace powered by where users can earn from their NFTs. It is built to provide support to artists, collectors and users on a single platform.

How to open an account on

You will need to complete a Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure and biometric process to to open an account on The steps involved in opening an account are described below.

Steps to open an account on

  1. Go to the app and click on the signup button.
  2. Then select your country of residence and proceed to the registration interface. Here, you will need to provide your email ID and phone number and a passcode that will be used to login into the newly created account.
  3. Click on the agree to terms and conditions button and wait for the verification mail or message.
  4. Clicking on the verification tab will take you to your new account. You will need to provide documentation such as a driving license, passport or other government issued IDs to confirm your identity and address. This process is known as the KYC regulation and it is in place to prevent the risk of fraud and to ensure that the site is safe for all users. The app will also ask you to click a selfie to verify your identity.
  5. Once this additional step is completed, will activate your account and you can deposit funds to start trading.

Customer support of

The customer support of consists of well trained professionals who will help you out via the chat feature if you get stuck or need some help with an issue. The support section is well doxxed with a range of FAQs that could solve your queries. Users can also submit a request and get the desired support via email.

Security of invests in security and has built a solid reputation among its users. Majority of clients funds are stored securely in an offline environment. Users can also secure their accounts through 2FA and by various other measures such as SMS and email login verification. The exchange has also introduced a special fund withdrawal password for additional security.

For the US customer,s provides insurance for clients funds up to a maximum of USD $250,000. also suspends and locks accounts in case unusual activity is detected.