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History of CoinSwitch Kuber Exchange

CoinSwitch Kuber is currently one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in India and was 15 months back. It is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, and offers support for the Indian currency, INR. 

It was founded by Ashish Singhal, a serial entrepreneur who also founded CRUXPay. 

The exchange is accessible via applications on both android and iOS. 

Who owns CoinSwitch Kuber?

Ashish Singhal is the founder and CEO currently. 

Regulations of CoinSwitch Kuber

CoinSwitch Kuber operates within the jurisdiction of India and claims to comply with relevant laws prevailing in the country. It does not allow users from outside India to register on its platform. 

It complies and adheres with relevant Indian laws such as the Prevention of the Money Laundering Act 2002, the Prevention of Money Laundering (Maintenance of Records) Rules 2005, and other guidelines/policies issued by the government authorities.

CoinSwitch Kuber may limit access to some or all features based on the country’s jurisdiction and prevailing regulations. 

What Cryptocurrencies are available on CoinSwitch Kuber?

CoinSwitch Kuber supports trading in major cryptocurrencies with 90 coins supported currently. It offers trading with cryptocurrencies paired with other popular altcoins and Indian fiat currency such as INR, Agorand, Bitcoin, Avalanche, Vechain, 1inch, Cosmos, Gala, Axie Infinity, Internet computer, Elrond, Waves, Tezos, NEM, Ripple, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Binance Coin, Litecoin and Neo. 

CoinSwitch Kuber also supports various stablecoins such as the True US Dolar (TUSD), and Tether (USDT) that are redeemable on a 1:1 basis for US dollars.

What payment methods are available on CoinSwitch Kuber

The CoinSwitch Kuber exchange supports many payment methods including IMPS, UPI and NEFT bank transfers. 

Bank Transfer: CoinSwitch Kuber supports direct bank transfers in India. Indian users can transfer money through the popular NEFT mechanism by adding their bank account details. Users can also make use of UPI which is a near-instant app-based money transfer system. Another facility called IMPS is also available that works through the linked bank account and is near-instantaneous. 

There are no deposit or withdrawal fees on the CoinSwitch Kuber platform. A minimum deposit limit of Rs. 100 is applicable and maximum deposits are capped at Rs. 50,00,000 in a day. INR withdrawals are capped at a maximum of Rs. 50,000 and a minimum of Rs. 100 in a day. 

Third Party payment processors: The CoinSwitch Kuber exchange also supports some third-party payment processors such as PayTM and GooglePay that support the UPI payment mechanism. 

Investment instruments

CoinSwitch Kuber offers a range of products and caters to a diverse set of clients through its multiple offerings. These services are described below.

CoinSwitch Kuber Gift Card: The exchange allows its users to send BTC gift cards that can be redeemed by the receiving party. Gift cards are valid for up to one year from the date of issuance and the minimum and maximum amounts applicable are Rs. Rs. 100 and Rs. 10,000 respectively. 

CoinSwitch Recommended Reads: It is the native educational resource for all things crypto. The CoinSwitch Kuber academy publishes research-driven content about cryptocurrencies, NFT, and blockchain universe. 

Staking on Exchange

Currently, CoinSwitch Kuber does not allow staking on its platform. 

Referral Program: CoinSwitch Kuber runs a referral program that allows existing users to refer friends and earn up to Rs. 1250 worth of BTC. The user earns each time the invited party deposits, funds, verifies account, or makes the first trade on the exchange. The CoinSwitch Kuber also runs frequent giveaways and is currently promoting the addition of Shiba Inu on its platform by giving away BTC worth Rs 100 to users who like and RT their tweets on SHIB.

How to open an account on CoinSwitch Kuber

You will need to complete Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure to open an account on CoinSwitch Kuber. The steps involved in opening an account are described below. 

Steps to open an account on CoinSwitch Kuber:

1. Go to the CoinSwitch Kuber site and click on the Register button. 

2. Then proceed to the registration interface. Here, you will need to provide your phone number and you will receive an OTP on this number that you need to input on the next page. 

3. Click on the agree to terms and conditions button and input a four-digit pin that will be required to login to the app in the future and also for carrying out some transactions. 

4. You will need to provide documentation such as an Aadhar card, Voter ID, Pan Card, and passport to confirm your identity and address. A utility bill and national ID may also be accepted in some cases. This process is known as the KYC regulation and it is in place to prevent the risk of fraud and to ensure that the site is safe for all users. 

5. Once this additional step is completed, CoinSwitch Kuber will activate your account and you can link your bank account to deposit funds and start trading. 

Customer support of CoinSwitch Kuber

The customer support of CoinSwitch Kuber consists of well-trained professionals who will help you out if you get stuck or need some help with an issue. The support section comprises of 24X7 chat support and users can also raise a support ticket to get help from the team. 

CoinSwitch Kuber also runs a Twitter support handle to solve queries quickly. It also runs a Telegram channel to provide updates for its users. 

Security of CoinSwitch Kuber

CoinSwitch Kuber invests in security and has built a solid reputation among its users. The majority of clients’ funds are stored securely in an offline environment. Users are required to secure their accounts through a four-digit PIN that is also required to process withdrawals. 

CoinSwitch Kuber claims to keep 95% of all assets offline and its servers are kept under 24X7 surveillance. It also provides the ability to time lock the account if there is no activity for a long period. CoinSwitch Kuber also carries out random real-time monitoring to monitor unusual activity. CoinSwitch Kuber also suspends and locks accounts in case an unusual activity is detected. 

The platform also has an option for adding a nominee who is entitled to gain access to the account in case the original owner passes away.